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Photo of Wok Inn Chinese food takeaway and delivery in Leabrooks near Alfreton

Wok Inn; 'Incredible Chinese Food To Takeaway'

45 Main Road, Leabrooks, Alfreton DE55 1LA
Tel: 01773 602 354
Open: Mon, Tues & Thurs - Sun: 5.00pm - 11.00pm
Weds: Closed / Open on Bank Holidays

Services Include:

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Menu for Wok Inn Chinese takeaway on Main Road in Leabrooks near Somercotes, Derbyshire DE55 1LA
Menu for Wok Inn Chinese, Cantonese and Thai food takeaway in Leabrooks near Alfreton
Menu for Wok Inn - Crispy Aromatic Duck, Honey Glazed Spare Ribs, Crispy Seaweed, Crab Claws, Sweet & Sour Pork Balls, Salt & Chilli Squid..
Menu for Wok Inn - Gourmet Steamed Cantonese Dim Sum, Black Bean Sauce dishes, Ginger & Spring Onion dishes..
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Menu for Wok Inn - Beef with Cashew Nuts, Roast Duck with Szechuan Spicy Chilli, Squid with Satay Sauce, Chicken with Chinese Style..
Menu for Wok Inn - Squid Chop Suey, Wandering Dragon, Happy Family, King Prawn with Kung Po Sauce..
Menu for Wok Inn - Thai Red Curries, Thai Green Curries, Shredded Duck Fried Rice, Beef Chinese Curry..
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Menu for Wok Inn - Chicken Chow Mein, Egg Foo Yung, Duck with Plum Sauce, Beef Fried Rice..
Menu for Wok Inn in Leabrooks - Set Dinners, Special Dinner Boxes..
If you suffer with any food allergy or intolerance it is always best to confirm with the restaurant the ingredients of any dish you wish to order.
We hope you enjoy the menu for Wok Inn in Leabrooks, Alfreton, Derbyshire

Menu uploaded / last checked August 2021

Dishes include:
Crispy Aromatic Duck, Grilled Chicken Dumplings, King Prawn Satay Skewers, Pancake Roll, Har Kau, Char Siu Buns, Salt & Chilli Squid,
Beef Szechuan Spicy Chilli, Chicken Egg Foo Yung, Duck Chop Suey, Thai Red Curry, Sweet & Sour Hong Kong Style, Crispy Shredded
Chilli Beef, Roast Duck Satay Sauce, Chicken Oyster Sauce, Special Chow Mein, Duck with Plum Sauce & many other Chinese dishes.

Wok Inn deliver to Somercotes, Alfreton, Leabrooks, Riddings, Swanwick, Pye Ridge, Selston, Broadmeadows.. (charges may apply)

Wok Inn's online menu here (Just Eat)

Wok Inn's online menu here (big foodie)

Wok Inn's fsa food hygiene rating here

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